Sophia Holly


“Sophia’s classes are both challenging and nurturing. Her flow is seamless. I always feel heaps better after her class.” -Melissa

“I appreciate Sophia’s calm and supportive demeanor as well as her pace. I especially appreciate that she offers helpful breaks in between challenging poses to allow everyone to reset and recenter — truly helping me focus on my breath.” -Sandi

“Where to begin? I have tried many different types of yoga, many times, and I have always left unenthusiastic. However, as a massage therapist, I know how important self care is, and so I sought out Sophia’s expertise. My sessions with her go beyond yoga; they are restorative and healing on so many levels. She is patient, creative, thoughtful and, above all, caring. As a caretaker, I often find it hard to let people help me. Yet when I am feeling pain, physically or otherwise, I feel safe in the knowledge that one session with Sophia will get me back to my best self. Seriously, take my advice as a health care practitioner and let her show you how amazing and effective yoga can be.” -Yvonne

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